A Comic About Jill Van Horne

Our first comic. These will be published as part of our work on whatever we’re doing at the moment. This is about our video profile of Jill Van Horne, Network Development Coordinator for Our Food SENB. You know, the person who took Aaron Shantz’s place.

We are adding a new feature to our work that should see us publishing more. Our original goal of long form text and now video take us a long time to publish and so we disappear for long periods of time.We will now work simultaneously on comics of what we’re doing.

I’ve long been a fan of comic journalists like Joe Sacco (Palestine) and Harvey Pekar (American Splendor). Their work is engaging because it takes you into the story from a different angle.

Although my drawing is not ready for primetime yet, I can produce fun stuff like you see here. It’s a mix of Photoshopped photos and screen grabs and hand drawn textures and inked lettering.
They will be chronicles of our reporting, behind the scenes shots, sneak peaks, as well as invitations to engage readers.

Elaine and Jill looking at a computer


Elaine Mandrona and Jill Van Horne at a Community Food Mentor gathering in 2017