New Farmers Symposium Held at Dieppe Market

We spent time at a conference for New Farmers in April at the Dieppe Farmers Market. While we would love to report on what all happened there because we were impressed with everyone there, we have a couple of reservations, mostly because we were not officially invited as journalists and second, because we are not new farmers.

As community journalists we want to establish a foundation of trust with anyone we work with. Showing up uninvited, taking pictures and notes and then publishing stuff doesn’t work for us.

So here are a couple of what we hope are flattering photos and the promise that we want to do more work with this group. They definitely fit into the parameters of our food beat. We most likely will track down the people we talked to and photograph and interview the hell out of them because so many seemed like great resources of knowledge and experience that many others would benefit from.

And they put on a great potluck lunch.