Where does your food come from Samantha?

Samantha Christensen likes to forage for food. We’re hoping to do a video later on—preferably not during winter—about her foraging, maybe have her take us on a little excursion. But here is a 30 second spot in a series we’re doing on our own called Where does your food come from? Hope you like it. Let us know what you think and please share it.

Why are we doing these? Nobody is paying us.

This is the second in our series “Where does your food come from?” The logical question is why are we doing these? It was simply we wanted the challenge of doing our own series of videos on a topic of our choosing. 

This started last year when we had been working on a project for Our Food SENB’s Food Pledge. At the end of the shoot we would ask the subject to tell us why they had signed the Pledge. We had in mind we’d make companion videos like short public service announcements. However, too often we caught folks off guard and we could tell many weren’t happy with their off-the-cuff answers. 

We did two more interviews of new people—Susana and Samantha—and asked them the same question but still didn’t get the lively answers we hoped for. So we looked at the material we did get and came up with a new question we thought would have meaning: “Where does your food come from?” We didn’t go back and ask Susana and Samantha where their food came from, but came up with an answer from the material we had gathered. 

Of course, the danger of answering a question you didn’t ask is that you could get it wrong. But so far we think the answers reflect who the people we interviewed are. There could have been other answers, but these are good ones. We will most likely work that question into the interviews from now on, but we find that once we get people talking about what’s important to them about food, we can figure it out.

Oakher Cam

Oakher was our roving camera operator because she’s always up for a challenge.

Young woman being videotaped by her nine year old daughter
Where does your food come from Samantha?
Where does your food come from Samantha?

And then there is Huxley, the fly chaser. I thought a big dog chasing flies in the house might spell disaster, but she’s quite agile.